How can I obtain Jeda Aquatics’ Product Price List?

You may obtain our price list by filling in the Price List Request Form. Our team will revert to your request by sending the full Price List to the e-mail address you have provided in the Form.

Information collected in the Price List Request Form is only for the internal purpose of knowing our customers. We assured that we follow all standards of data protection with customers’ information. If you have any concerns, please feel free to e-mail us at info@jedaaquatics.com.

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  How do I place an order ?

When customers fill out the Price List Request form, customers will get user name and password to access Jeda updated price list and online order to make order.

Upon our receipt of your order, we will revert with an Order Availability Confirmation E-mail. Customer can revise order back to Jeda order back and forth until order can be finalized. We will revert with an Proforma Invoice to make payment. Upon payment is paid, order of aquatic fishes or plants will be then kept in quarantine and shipping within 7 days. Shipment is by air only and will normally reach you within 48 hours or otherwise depending on the port of destination. Do note that shipment is subject to the availability of the air cargo space for the destination required.

Please do note that order is only confirmed upon completion of payment procedures and issuing of Order Confirmation E-mail to the e-mail address provided by you.

Click here to make a Price List Request Form.

Alternatively, if you have any special requests, you may e-mail us at info@jedaaquatics.com and we revert to you within 24 hours.

  What is the minimum order policy ?

Orders cannot be below US$1200 and not less than 100 kilograms per order or approximately 5 boxes for aquatic fishes and 7 boxes for aquatic plants per order.

You may order 1 small bag of a 1 variety of aquatic fish for up to 9 varieties, which will be packed into 9 small bags in a single box. Do note that each variety of fish within a single pack will be noted the least quantity on the order form.

  Are there any discounts available for orders ?

Yes! Discounts are available for our regular customers, who order large quantities frequently. We also give good discounts to new customers who order a very high quantity of aquatic fishes and plants.

We also have monthly promotions that are announced on our website as well as sent to our mailing list.

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  How are the items packed for shipping ?

Depending on the type of species ordered, the packing will range from single to four layers of polythene bags with adequate amount of water and oxygen, securely sealed for air shipment. These bags are stored inside our polyfoam carton, which is packed into a carton box as per requirements of the air cargo agency. A box can store up to 1 big bag and 9 small bags.

You may state your packing density preferences, if you have any. However, please do bear in mind that Jeda Aquatics will not be held responsible for any Death on Arrival (DOA) upon reaching of destination under this circumstances.

The dimension of the boxes are as follows:

  • Big Box – 71 x 51 x 35 cm common box for live tropical fishes
    The approximated weight of the boxes can range from 23 to 48 kilograms depending on the fish and packing density involved. We avoid packing more than 48 kilograms to ensure safe shipment.
  • Standard Box – 61 x 45 x 31 cm common box for live aquatic plants
    The approximated weight of the boxes can range from 16.5 to 23 kilograms depending on the fish and packing density involved.
  • Small Box – (in case of extra fishes or plants exceed the common box)

For more information about How We Work, click here.

  What are the packaging charges applicable ?
Type of Box Price per box / pack
Sterofoam box (big) $11.00
Paper carton (big) $1.20
Sterofoam box (standard) $10.00
Paper carton (standard) $1.20
Sterofoam box (small) $9.00
Paper carton (small) $1.00
Sterofoam box (for frozen food) $20.00
Paper carton (for frozen food) $1.20
Cool pack ( for cold water fish and aquatic plants) $1.40
Blanket (for controlling the box room warm) $1.00
Heat pack (for controlling the box room extra warm) $1.40
Weight Price per shipment
weight <500 kilograms $130.00
weight 501-900 kilograms $140.00
weight 901-1200 kilograms $240.00
weight 1201-1500 kilograms $250.00
weight 1501-2000 kilograms $265.00
Mode of Transport Price per turn
Pick up 4 wheel for delivery in Bangkok area $90.00
Document Type Price per turn
Health Certificate $25.00
Phyto Sanitary Certificate $25.00
Certificate of origin $25.00
Legalized documents at the Embassy Depends on regulations of local custms

The shipping charges are indicatively as below and are subject to changes as per requirements: Please e-mail us at info@jedaaquatics.com, for further enquiries on this.

  What is your live on arrival guarantee ?

We guarantee a 97% live arrival. In order to ensure that, we only pick healthy specimen and follow the best standards in quarantine, packing and shipment processes.

Our Death on Arrival (DOA) has always been less than 3%. If at any time, the DOA is more than 3%, you can report it to us within 24 hours of arrival of the items and we will issue a credit note to you immediately. The credit note can be used to offset the amount during your next order with us. The following conditions apply in reporting DOA and obtaining credit note:

  • After the shipment is shipped, Jeda Aquatics order system will send you all document needed to your email and you will receive a DOA report Link to report any DOA occurs when you receive the shipment.
  • You must send the report within 24 hours of delivery with detailed descriptions and clear photographs of the dead fishes, if any.
  • Credit note shall not be used to offset packing, handling, shipping, certificate and other costs associated to packing and shipping.
  What cases will not be included for Death on Arrival (DOA) compensation ?

If there were any flight delays or mishandling by the air transport authorities or air cargo terminal, please check with the personnel who made the delivery. Any claims of loss should be made to them directly, as Jeda Aquatics is not responsible or liable for DOAs due to such circumstances. However, you are advised to keep us informed if you may wish to.

You are strongly advised to do the following immediately:

  • Bring oxygen tanks with you to the airport when you found the flight delay for more than 4 hours.
  • Open the fish and plants boxes at the airport immediately you got the shipment in front of the Airline officers and show the DOA or any damage that occur to the Airline officers and asking for claim directly at the airport
  • If possible, open the fish bags and Re-oxygen the rest fish bags that are still alive before bring them back to your facility.

If you face any issues in complying with the above, please contact us at info@jedaquatics.com

Do bear in mind to follow the above procedures immediately upon arrival to avoid rejection of the any claims.

  How can I contact you if I have any enquiries ?

You may contact us by providing your details and enquiries in the Contact Form on our website. Or you may send an e-mail to info@jedaaquatics.com.

Click here to visit the Contact Form page.

You may also visit our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/jedaaquatics/ and send us a message, if that is convenient for you.